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Tinderbox v8.9.0

Last Updated on December 4, 2020 by admin

Tinderbox is a personal content management assistant. It stores your notes, ideas, and plans. It can help you organize and understand them. And Tinderbox helps you share ideas through Web journals and Web logs.

Tinderbox’s agents automatically scan your notes, looking for patterns and building relationships. Agents help discover relationships and help make sure important things don’t get lost. Agents are easy to make and easy to modify. They’re flexible and powerful. And Tinderbox can even gather and update changing information and breaking news from the Internet.

When it’s time to share your notes, Tinderbox can assemble multiple notes into one page. Updates are a breeze — even if you update several times a day. Private notes, timestamps, permanent links, archives: everything you want, just the way you want it.

What’s new in Tinderbox

Version 8.9.0:This release is built ready for macOS 11 and Apple Silicon.

  • Native on Apple Silicon
  • Ready for Big Sur
  • Ziplinks let you add links and notes with ease.
  • Links pane shows you links and suggests new connections.
  • Crosstabs give you new ways to dive into your notes
  • Share Prototypes among your documents
  • Geographic Adornments add maps to your Tinderbox maps
  • Drag notes to other windows, other applications, or to the desktop
  • Faster. Sleeker. Better.
App requirements:
  • Intel 64
  • macOS 10.12.0 or later


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Small Fan
Small Fan
3 months ago

8.9.1 update please

4 months ago


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