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uFocus 3.0.3

Last Updated on September 9, 2019 by admin

uFocus 3.0.3


uFocus is the first distraction-free writing application that lets you open all kinds of plain text files as well as directories, allowing you to structure your stories into chapters. Our main goal is to allow everyone to express their creativity in the most simple, beautiful way.

In order to provide a clean writing environment that lets you easily type your stories, uFocus only supports reading and writing to plain text files. When opening a directory, you will be able to select any plain text file inside that directory (and inside any of its subdirectories) from the sidebar as if you were working on a single document.

What is uFocus capable of?

● Unobtrusive interface: the title bar only appears when moving the mouse to the top of the window
● Text statistics such as character and word can be shown by clicking on the Info button in the title bar
● Markdown: easily add headings, quotes, ordered and unordered lists, italics and bold (keyboard shortcuts available). You can then export your documents to HTML, PDF, print them and copy the selection as rich text
● Highlights mode: you can stay even more focused by fading out all the text but the current sentence
● Simply jump from one sentence to the previous/next with CMD-LEFT/RIGHT
● Typewriter scrolling: automatically scrolls the text when you get on a new line
● NoWayBack mode: disable deletions and replacements if your greatest temptation is always to edit your text instead of writing
● Sound mode: experience the ultimate feeling of a typewriter
● Fullscreen: focus on your words and hide everything else that is on screen
● iCloud, autosaving and Versions are also supported
● Choose between three different editor widths, four font sizes and a light and a dark theme
● Print either a single file or a whole directory

If you have any request or improvement you would like to see in the next version of uFocus, feel free to contact me on the uFocus website:

NOTE: only latin character sets are guaranteed to work at the moment.

What’s New in Version 3.0.3

● Added support for markdown links

Developer: Nicolas Kick
Price: Free+
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  • ‎uFocus Screenshot
  • ‎uFocus Screenshot
  • ‎uFocus Screenshot
  • ‎uFocus Screenshot
  • ‎uFocus Screenshot
  • ‎uFocus Screenshot
  • ‎uFocus Screenshot
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Download uFocus 3.0.3 for Mac OS X Free Cracked

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