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Thumbtack 2.2.1

Last Updated on March 8, 2016 by admin

Thumbtack 2.2.1


Thumbtack is a menu bar utility that provides quick and easy access to all of the bookmarks in your Pinboard account. You can easily save, search and share any of your bookmarks. 

You do not have to be a Pinboard power-user to enjoy the benefits of having a Pinboard account. The Pinboard service is great at storing bookmarks to webpages for quick access at a later time. Thumbtack caters to that notion by simply providing immediate access to all of the items in your account directly from the menu bar.

Thumbtack 2 was re-written from the ground up exclusively for OS X Yosemite. This ensures that not only is Thumbtack quick and responsive, but it utilitzes the latest technology.


“Thumbtack, a menu bar utility that gives quick access to your Pinboard account. Slick.”
– David Sparks

“Thumbtack is beautifully made. It’s a tiny application in many respects, making very few demands on your system or on your screen’s precious pixels.”
– Cult of Mac


• Quick access to all of your Pinboard items
• Conveniently located in the menu bar
• Fast search with advanced filters including tags and unread items
• Easily share to any of OS X services like Facebook, Twitter and more
• Save items with the Safari Share extension or system-wide service
• Edit your Pinboard items by Command+Clicking on them.
• Native integration with Spotlight for finding and previewing items
• AppleScript support for extending to third-party apps
• Quicklook Preview bookmarks with the spacebar
• Fully customizable global hotkey
• Copy a bookmark with a single click
• Delete bookmarks from within Thumbtack
• Keyboard navigation
• Dark Theme when using Yosemite’s Dark Mode
• Retina compatible graphics
• Optimized exclusively for OS X Yosemite
• Easy to use and saves you time!

* A paid Pinboard account is required to use Thumbtack

What’s New in Version 2.2.1

– Added by popular demand: Multi-Tag Search!
– Supports search with boolean operators AND, OR, NOT
Use the “tag:” prefix to search tags 

Example: “tag:tag1 AND tag2 NOT tag3”
This example would return Pinboard items that contain both tag1 and tag2 but does not have tag3

Learn more at

As always Thumbtack is developed by a single independent developer and relies heavily on word of mouth and App Store reviews so if you enjoy the app please help spread the word!

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Download Thumbtack 2.2.1 for Mac OS X Free Cracked

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