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Record Lectures – Record class lectures 3.1.4

Last Updated on October 1, 2020 by admin

‎Record Lectures
‎Record Lectures
Developer: Raj Kumar Shaw
Price: $2.99
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  • ‎Record Lectures Screenshot
  • ‎Record Lectures Screenshot
  • ‎Record Lectures Screenshot
  • ‎Record Lectures Screenshot

Record Lectures was Featured by Apple in “Best New Apps” and as one of the best apps for ” Back to school”

Built with the purpose of allowing anyone who records lectures, meetings and conversations to be able to store them in a calendar and be able to share these recordings easily.

A must have app for everyone who is going to school or attends conferences or meetings. Allows students and business people to record and file lectures and presentations away into a neatly organized calendar marked by subject (topic).

The simplicity of operation of this app truly makes it a great tool. Seeing the lectures noted on the calendar for reference certainly makes it really organized and easy to find again and play back.

Will make a big difference in your daily life when it comes to finding and using your recordings actively in your studies and business activities.

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