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Orion Markup – image notes and annotations 3.03

Last Updated on February 4, 2017 by admin

Orion Markup – image notes and annotations 3.03

The app was not found in the store. :-(


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As featured on MacWorld’s This Week In Mac Apps:
“The app lets you open an image (including, of course, screenshots taken from your own Mac), and add all sorts of annotations in the form of text, graphical elements, highlights, callouts, and more. And, when you’re ready, Orion Markup’s powerful sharing features mean that sending your work to friends and colleagues is just a click (or two) away.” 

Orion Markup supports a complete suite of annotation objects. Featuring:

– add notes and outlines to image files and PDF documents

– photo magnification bubbles: creates magnified versions of selected image areas (fully resizable, available in circular, rectangular and various polygon shapes)

– multiple sized outline boxes and text labels. All outlines and labels supports formatting options with hundreds of fonts and colors

– lines and arrows of various patterns and thickness (solid, dashed, dotted). All lines support optional starting and ending arrows

– fully resizable black-out boxes (for hiding image zones that should be private)

– fully resizable dim boxes (for darkening areas of the images, useful for indicating unimportant or non-significant sections)

– predefined number tags (perfect for documenting instructions and steps in manuals)

Make it simple to export and share:
– exports and saves to PDF document format
– exports and saves to JPEG and PNG image formats
– share instantly through Messages, Email and Clipboard
– share between devices through Air Drop
– share through direct integration with Twitter and Facebook

Built-in PDF user guide:
– quickly master all features with the built-in user manual, a real easy read with lots of screenshots and image annotations :)

Learn more about the Orion Product Suite at

What’s New in Version 3.03

– improved rotation effects, now support manual entry of precise rotation angles
– improved options for customizing data in table format

Download Orion Markup for macOS Free Cracked

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