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Milkeddit 1.2

Last Updated on August 24, 2021 by admin

Milkeddit 1.2


Milkeddit is a feature-rich and fluid reddit client that makes using reddit a joy for both casual and experienced users alike. With a simple and intuitive interface, coupled with the easy-to-use swipe gestures that make voting a breeze, multireddit support to browse and create at your leisure, brilliant push notifications to get alerted when you receive a message or post/comment reply, as well as a customisable in-app media viewer, Milkeddit has everything you would expect from reddit, and much more which you will come to love. 

Subscriptions to subreddits can be managed with simple swipe actions. And having quick access to your favourite subreddits has never been easier, you can swipe to bookmark any subreddit that catches your eye, and have them in the sidebar for instant viewing. Easy.

The gorgeous layout and a night mode option, along with the ability to create posts and multireddits from anywhere in the app, upload images without the need to use third-party services, as well as reply to any post or comment with absolute ease, makes this an essential for reddit users. Not only is Milkeddit a complete solution for your reddit needs, but it is also an enjoyable one.

What’s New in Version 1.2


‘I don’t even like blue…’
There are now themes so that you can choose your favourite!
‘Someone said “Hola” to me, I don’t even know what that means…’
You can now translate posts and comments! (Oh, and it means “Hello”)
‘I didn’t pay to see ads!’
You shouldn’t have to, I got rid of them for you!

Here’s everything that’s been added, changed, and fixed in this brand-new, stunning update:

– Added themes, accessible via the menu
– Added a translate text option to the right click contextual menu
– Added toggle in menu for comment indentation
– Remembers position and size of window when opened again
– Notification handling, clicking the notification now takes you to the unread messages pane
– Added spell check to text fields
– Added ad blocking in the web views
– UI improvements
– Fixed issue where replying to items in the inbox would crash the app
– Fixed issue where hiding or closing the app window wouldn’t let you open it again
– Fixed issue where posts would default to the front page when scrolling through subreddits

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Download Milkeddit 1.2 for Mac OS X Free Cracked

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