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Lattice – LUT editor and viewer. 1.8.14

Last Updated on May 28, 2021 by admin

Lattice allows you to manipulate, transform, and convert 3D and 1D LUTs. Supports many popular LUT formats, and can seamlessly convert between any of them. It provides a simple and powerful interface that is right at home. Use visualization tools to see how your LUT modifies colors

Developer: Video Village LLC
Price: $249.99
  • ‎Lattice Screenshot
  • ‎Lattice Screenshot
  • ‎Lattice Screenshot
  • ‎Lattice Screenshot
  • ‎Lattice Screenshot
  • ‎Lattice Screenshot
  • ‎Lattice Screenshot
  • ‎Lattice Screenshot
  • ‎Lattice Screenshot

Apply LUTs to your images easily and correctly, in 16-bit. Drag-and-drop images to see the LUT applied instantly, or even see your LUT applied to video in real-time. You can even preview on DPX files and other production image formats.View your 3D LUT using tetrahedral interpolation and your 1D LUT with linear interpolation.

Use advanced tools to manipulate your LUT’s colors with 64-bit floating point precision:

  • Convert Color Space: Change color spaces and gamma curves.
  • Isolate Color: Get just the color transform of a LUT, without affecting contrast
  • Convert: Easily convert between 1D and 3D transformations
  • Apply CDLs (ALE, FLEx, CMX EDL, CC, CCC, and CDL files)
  • Apply CTLs (with optional ACES 1.0 installation)
  • Mix Curves: Adjust and swap curves
  • Combine LUTs: Merge multiple LUTs into one
  • Isolate Contrast: Get just the contrast of a LUT, without affecting colors
  • Convert to Monochrome: Make a LUT that isolates a single channel, or an average of channels
  • Resize: Change the cube or curve size
  • Extended to Legal/Legal to Extended conversions
  • Apply color matrix, limit, clamp, change color temperature, change opacity, invert colors, scale output

What’s New

Version 1.8.14

• Added ability to export ACES workflow LUT as *just* a 3D LUT

• Added DaVinci Wide Gamut + DaVinci Intermediate

• Fixed issue with extraneous XML field in CDL export


Seller Video Village LLC
Size 27 MB
Category Photo & Video
Compatibility macOS 10.13 or later, 64-bit processor
Languages English
Age Rating 4+
Copyright © 2020 Video Village, LLC
Price $399.99

Download Now

Download Now

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