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Keyboard Maestro – Hot-key tasking solution. 9.1

Last Updated on November 21, 2020 by admin

Keyboard Maestro is your hot-key solution that allows you to perform a multitude of tasks simply by pressing a keystroke! It also incorporates the wildly popular MacOS Classic utility Program Switcher, which allows you to launch, switch, and quit applications with a simple keystroke.

  • Macro
  • Program and window switcher
  • Clipboard switcher
  • Clipboard history switcher

What’s New
Version 9.01

Changed in 9.1

  • Native build for Apple Silicon.
  • Added new method of choosing characters for Icon Chooser.
  • Added support for copy&paste of Icon Image Well images retaining very compressed size icons.
  • Added support for pasting characters (including emoji) in to Icon Image Wells.
  • Added support for pasting icons to multiple macros or macro groups.
  • Added support for currency characters in Icon Chooser.
  • Added support for customising Smart Macro Group icons.
  • Added support for autofocus on select fields in Custom HTML Prompt.
  • Added support for \v in token text fields. (forum 11)
  • Added support for case insensitive characters in Conflict Palette earlier than characters with mixed-length case conversions (eg ß).
  • Actions that attempt to perform text operations on images or folders now fail with an error.
  • Adjusted the Contact sheet to only fill the fields from Contacts if you explicitly request it to.
  • Adjusted the Report Feature Requests sheet to only fill the fields from Contacts if you explicitly request it to.
  • Added a way to force-unregister Keyboard Maestro.
  • Reduced some needless CPU wastage in the editor (more pronounced on Apple Silicon).
  • Fixed an issue where editor search was not searching Cancel a Specific Macro’s instance field.
  • Fixed an issue with macro group activated for one action, leading to conflict palette.
  • Fixed an issue with macro groups remaining active after their palette has been dismissed. (forum 2)
  • Fixed that Duplicating a Macro Group would not preserve its focussed window condition.
  • Added entitlements for Camera & Microphone to ensure they could be used by scripts if desired.
  • Possibly resolved a rare crash involving notificationLargeTextChanged.


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.11 or later


To dequarantine:
xattr -r -d /Applications/Keyboard\

To deep code sign:
sudo codesign -f -s - --deep /Applications/Keyboard\

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8 days ago

So, again I get temporarily banned after downloaded Smooze with Neat download manager, I tryied to download this after smooze, and after see that I’ve been banned.

I will stop using NDM here, no problem. Also thanks for the apps 🙂

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