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Hookshot – Window manager. 1.18

Last Updated on February 24, 2021 by admin

Hookshot is cursor movement window snapping.

  • Snap windows by pressing a modifier key and moving your cursor
  • Snap windows with keyboard shortcuts or by dragging windows to the edge of the screen
  • Move & resize windows by holding a modifier key and moving your cursor
  • Snap windows not in focus

What’s new in Hookshot

Version 1.18:Added first cut of “Multiple Window” actions:

  • Cascade all windows
  • Cascade app windows
  • Tile top windows in a 2×2 grid
  • Tile top windows in a 2×3 grid
  • Move all windows of an app to next/previous display
  • Move all windows of an app to left/right half
  • Reveal the right edge of the desktop
  • Fixed a bug where a custom dimension shortcut with custom docking point and empty x/y would move the window (for users that want an action that only resizes a window)
  • Reduced menu bar icon shadow on certain unfocused external displays with certain desktop backgrounds
  • The corner radius of the border of the footprint window is now properly adjusted for Big Sur
  • The color of the footprint window can now be configured via Terminal command (noted in the Rectangle readme)
  • Improved drag-to-snap behavior for certain quick drag to snap movements

Compatibility: OS X 10.12 or later 64-bit

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