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GraphicConverter – Graphics Editor 11.3.3

Last Updated on August 25, 2021 by admin

‎GraphicConverter 11
‎GraphicConverter 11
  • ‎GraphicConverter 11 Screenshot
  • ‎GraphicConverter 11 Screenshot
  • ‎GraphicConverter 11 Screenshot
  • ‎GraphicConverter 11 Screenshot
  • ‎GraphicConverter 11 Screenshot
  • ‎GraphicConverter 11 Screenshot
  • ‎GraphicConverter 11 Screenshot
  • ‎GraphicConverter 11 Screenshot
  • ‎GraphicConverter 11 Screenshot
  • ‎GraphicConverter 11 Screenshot
  • ‎GraphicConverter 11 Screenshot

GraphicConverter 11 is the universal tool for browsing, enhancing, converting and renaming images. Simply drag a folder onto GraphicConverter 11 to view your pictures.

The slide show for viewing and sorting images is a big hit among users. Use standard tools to edit images or display the most important controls in the window.

Professional users love GraphicConverter 11 because of it’s wide range of functions for handling meta data like Exif, IPTC, XMP and GPS. Want to copy the filename into the IPTC description? GraphicConverter 11 will take care of this for you.

You can open over 200 graphic file types and save images in over 80 formats. A simple multiple conversion mode takes care of batch runs. Want to use a batch function to alter the image size or change the color mode to CMYK? Dozens of batch functions are available.

GraphicConverter 11 has everything you would expect from a versatile image processing application for your Mac. Simple usage and far-reaching options await you along with stability and reliability.

In the press, GraphicConverter has been described as a “Swiss Army knife” and as an “all-round wizard for image editing on Macs”. We could not describe it better.

New features of version 11:

Record and Save Macros

If you find yourself using and reusing certain functions repeatedly, you can now save time by easily recording those steps so they can later be applied to other files.

RAW Images

RAW images are much easier to edit. That’s particularly noticeable when brightening images with the Exposure slider – images remain clear, with no gray haze as with many JPEG images. When opening RAW files, you can control exposure, contrast, and color correction. You can even reduce picture noise with six different controllers.

Unpack Archives

Want to know what pictures and documents are contained in an archive file? A double-click is all you need: GraphicConverter temporarily reveals its contents (or re-locks those contents for you). Because this is GraphicConverter, we support every archive format under the sun – not just Zip but a dozen others, including TAR and TGZ.

Wide Equalization

In wide-angle shooting, faces and objects on the left and right edges of the image are often heavily elongated or scrunched. With the new wide-angle equalization function in GraphicConverter 11, you can now reduce this distortion.


Do you need a gradient, like for a background in a collage? No problem. Easily create color gradients with up to 10 colors.


Tint your shots with two colors, turning them into duotone images for an enchanted look. GraphicConverter can tint lighter shades in one color and darker shades in a different color.

And much more…

What’s new in GraphicConverter

Version 11.3.3:Note: GraphicConverter 11 is a paid upgrade for all customers of versions 1.x-10.x.


  • Export of IPTC/XMP as XLS and XLSX
  • Import of IPTC/XMP as XLS and XLSX
  • Saliency filters
  • Export of filled Group Registration document for Copyright Office
  • IPTC/XMP: keyword: analyze and show keywords…
  • Browser: map: optional display of direction and altitude of a photo (if stored in the Exif or XMP data)
  • Image: map: optional display of direction and altitude of a photo (if stored in the Exif or XMP data)
  • Import of Photoshop .PSB
  • Import of Canon .CR3
  • Import of Apple iPhone ProRAW
Updated features
  • Improved arrow handling in keyword palette
  • Updated FaceSDK
  • Position of slideshow commands in the menubar can be adjusted in the prefs
  • RISC sprite import
  • Improved batch conversion speed of PDF -> TIFF in case of no used actions
  • Improved window title display under Big Sur
  • Improved import speed of Pages/Numbers/Keynote preview
  • Alerts use a red button text for possible destructive actions (only under Big Sur)
  • Alerts support command + first character for third, fourth etc. button
  • Preferences: general: more misc: option to adjust display of exif date
  • The color mode, depth and pixel size is displayed as subtitle under the window name on Big Sur
  • Byte Header export: added support for 16 bit 5-6-5
  • ExifTool
  • DynaPDF
  • LibRAW
  • Automator actions
Bug fixes
  • Fixes possible issue during flatten some texts
  • Fixed issue with Xe8472 filter on Big Sur
  • Fixed possible crash during opening Pages/Numbers/Keynote file
  • Fixed failure during mrsid import
  • Fixed a crash during opening JPEG2000 files which use a very rare line encoding
  • Fixed display issue in dark mode in overwrite dialog


Seller Lemke Software GmbH
Size 154.6 MB
Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor
Languages: English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese
Age Rating Rated 4+
Copyright © 2002-2019 Lemke Software GmbH, 1992-2001 Thorsten Lemke
Price $62.99

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