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Our biggest killer is Ad Blockers and we kindly request for you to consider disabling it on our site if you cannot afford to donate. We only use Google Ads which are safe and used across millions of sites.

Ways you can help us are:


Donate PayPal:

Donate Crypto:

  • Bitcoin
Scan to Donate Bitcoin to 33wkeTJu39WraAqszj1axsTprbfQ3FuJxt

Donate Bitcoin to this address

Scan the QR code or copy the address below into your wallet to send some Bitcoin

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17 hours ago

Same, you’re awesome to help students still have access to the best software until they can pay…

Last edited 17 hours ago by Any
Karolina Hrishka
Karolina Hrishka
1 day ago

Hi! I gave you 10 dollars this month! thanks for your awesome work guys!

Reza Dizaji
Reza Dizaji
3 days ago

Hi, I can’t donate money but immediately whitelisted your website when I saw this page, I forgot to do so before.

Thank you for your awesome website.

Krrish Chhabra
Krrish Chhabra
16 days ago

Hey! Me being a student cannot pay using Paypal or BitCoin but have disabled the Ad-Blocker.

Christian Curi
Christian Curi
24 days ago

Hey guys, Im Brazillian, iโ€™m going to support you, I really think your work is incredible, and I just have to thank you. I will deactivate my AdBlock and help with donate on PayPal whenever possible.

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