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Disk Cleaner 1.7

Last Updated on September 14, 2016 by admin

Disk Cleaner – monitor and clean disk regularly 1.7


Clean disk regularly, move© folders regularly, free disk space.

How to use it:
1) Drag or add folders to app.
2) Setting folder task from menu.

Key features:
* Empty folder content regularly, save disk space.
* Copy folder content to target location regularly.
* Move folder content to target location regularly.
* Calculate folder size regularly.
* Support to add any number of custom folders.

*****User FAQs******
1. How to add custom folders?
Three methods you can follow:
1) From “Add Folder …” menu item
2) Drag folders from Finder to “Disk Cleaner”
3) If you can not access folders from Finder, you can execute command “cd FOLDER_PATH_YOU_WANT_TO_ACCESS” and “open .” from terminal, it will be opened in Finder, then you can drag it to App panel as option 2.

2. What’s the most popular folder to watch?
1) ~/Library/Caches
2) ~/Library/Logs
3) ~/.Trash

Please add/drag these folder from Finder to “Folder Watcher”. “Folder Watcher” can empty these folder regularly to save disk space.

What’s New in Version 1.7

* Fix bug

‎Folder Watcher
‎Folder Watcher
Developer: Dummy Apps
Price: $4.99
  • ‎Folder Watcher Screenshot
  • ‎Folder Watcher Screenshot
  • ‎Folder Watcher Screenshot

Download Disk Cleaner 1.7 for macOS Free Cracked

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