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AnyDrop – All-In-One Menubar Toolkit 1.3.1

Last Updated on September 11, 2019 by admin

AnyDrop for Mac – All-In-One Menubar Toolkit 1.3.1 Free Cracked
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AnyDrop was designed to simplify your workflow by assembling as many of these features as possible within a tiny menu bar app, which can be used entirely with hotkeys and drag&drop. It is highly versatile and customizable, and it is especially suitable for processing text and images.

Your All-in-One Menubar Toolkit
Easily translate, convert text, process images and files…

All you need to do is simply Drag & Drop.

Quiet Yet Smart
AnyDrop knows when you need it and predict what actions you are going to use to process the input contents.
The Real Bulk Action
When you drag or copy multiple files or even different types of files, AnyDrop will handle them properly with multithread processing.

What’s New AnyDrop 1.3.1

AnyDrop subscription now changed to a one-time payment with full features since today, this will last for an indefinite period.

It’s a tough decision to make, AnyDrop has integrated some third-party APIs which will continuously consume our server costs, that’s why we use subscriptions at the very beginning. But to support different payment methods in different countries, we used a time-limited one-time license service from Paddle to deliver subscriptions, together with our frontend algorithms, that is a unique and graceless way to manage subscriptions, no other products have ever done, as a price, we can not easily submit to third-party stores due to our special license mechanism, and we also brought inconvenience to our users.

Anyway, we’ve updated all generated 1-year license to lifetime license, please update to 1.3.1 to make it effective. AnyDrop might be changed to a subscription-based app in the future, but when that day comes, all previous users will still keep their licenses effective for a lifetime.

In the latest 1.3.1, we also fixed an Alibaba file uploading issue.

Compatibility: macOS 10.14 or later 64bit

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Both of these links don’t work. Could you fix them please?

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